We have to admit, we love cycling...up mountains, we also love racing, but where we live, the hardest mountain to climb is the flight of stairs up to our apartment. We thought there was an urge of trying this Pro-cyclist life for a few days and see what all the fuzz is about so on the 7th of June we will face 3 days of pain whiles tackling Umbrail, Gavio, Mortirolo and Stelvio with Haute Route.

Girl rides bike with a lot of win
cycling couple up a mountain
girl cycling up a mountain


Stages 1: Starts in Bormio with the "short" day of 84km and a hefty 3300m of elevation, just by saying the numbers out load makes us feel dizzy, the first climb takes us up to Umrail at 2500m followed by a scenic descent, saying hi to the Swiss cheese and the founders of Spotify. Hopefully, we will be hitting some flatlands after being greeted by Passo Stelvio.

Stage 2: If Stage 1 wasn't hard enough, Stage 2 offers us 120k with an added elevation of  500m, this mountain stage begins with the Mortirolo with some sections up to 14% (!?) and with a total of 13km of climbing. The second and last climb on the stage is the Gavia. No comment

Stage 3: Grande Finale on the Haute Route is a nothing more than 21km ITT, sounds good on the flats, unfortunately, it includes 1550 of elevation. Pray for cake...

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