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This might come as a shocker to you all, but my real name is Simon, but friends within the cycling community call me Ebbe. I'm 31 years of age and I spend most of the hours of my day as a freelance photographer shooting commercial sports and fashion.

  • I went to a clown school as a kid
  • I've had sushi with Gene Simmons
  • I learned how to solve a Rubrics Cube under two minutes
  • I've had a dream about owning a house in Italy as long as I can remember.
  • I skydived and got a tattoo on the same day.


During my teenage years, I wasn't really into sports, due to my daddy longlegs and arms made of spaghetti. No, sports were for the big boys, I thought that my pursuit in life was to play music for a living by writing my own songs and performing in front of thousands of people at Wembley Arena. Obviously, this never happened...

It wasn't until I moved back from Los Angeles, after two long years of one too many nights out partying, that I realized that I needed a change in life. This was in 2012 and I was 25 years old, I was trying to figure out the way back to a physical standard, when I randomly picked up a flyer about a triathlon race at my parent's house (fellow cyclist, please, stay with me here).

Fast forward 4 years to 2016 and many triathlon races in the books, I felt I wanted to take all the time and training from triathlon and put into one basket. So the cycling journey began and I was hooked.

Cycling is a sport where you not only turn your pedals to move forward but also where you get to experience all the variety of places in the world and to meet wonderful like-minded people. Looking back to all the rides prior til today I think the most memorable ride is yet to come, the bikepacking trip from Seattle to San Fransisco.

Like mentioned earlier, this will be the first "ultra" distance trip I've ever done and to do it with the one you love makes it even more unreal.












What thrives me about cycling are all the different elements in the sport, for me, one of the most fascinating ones is the mental aspect of it. Someone could have the most trimmed physical strength, but putting that person on a bike to ride in a solid block of 100K would properly be an interesting sight to see. This was a huge deal for me when I started cycling, to be able to maintain the focus for a 4-hour ride on a Saturday and Sunday, by knowing that you could do it more or less every weekend for the past 4 years goes to show why I love the sports so much.
This is one of the elements that would really put things on a test during our trip in the US, to be able to maintain a decent level of mental strength throughout the 2000K and not only during the weekend.

Another big part of cycling is all the relief of stress were the thoughts kind of spins away when you are cycling. I sometimes use this in order to get my mind off things, and most of the time it works really well. And on a good day, I get super creative, about super weird ideas of things to do, music to write or just something completely different. But the most important thing is that you let your mind pondering off for the part-time of the ride.

There are a lot more about me to share but I feel like a need a cup of coffee.

Feel free to put a comment down below to share why cycling is what it is to you.

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  1. Anna Davies Hedman
    August 14, 2018

    Loved reading everything. Thank you for sharing.


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