Eva: Pre Haute Route pt.1

girl cycling up a mountain


Somewhere in February of 2018, we signed up for Haute Route: Stelvio, a 3-day stage race on some of the most iconic climbs in Italy. Two road races and one individual time-trial.

Ebbe and I were both pretty stoked about the challenge, but I quickly realized that I had to work on my descending skills, even though the downhills are normalized in terms of time. After a few days, I felt the need for a training camp and I told Ebbe that we had to go somewhere with mountains so I could practice and become a downhill master (or at least close to).

We looked at many places, but there was one in particular in Sitges called Le Bike Stop that caught our attention. After getting in contact with Joe, the founder and owner of the hotel we booked the first and best flight to Barcelona.

A few days prior to our departure, we received a message from Joe that it had been raining for a whole week so the weather would be perfect for arrival! We got super stoked since we had been living north of the wall for over 6 months and were in desperate need of sun.

We arrived pretty late at the hotel and was greeted with open arms by Joe, where we talked for a bit while drinking a hot cup of tea and then went straight to bed.

The following morning we got served the most gorgeous porridge with the sunshine gazing through the window with the smell of freshly ground coffee. That day we went out for an easy spin of a 100k with Joe, Emmy, Tommy, Ebbe and myself.

During our stay at LeBikeStop we got the amazing Joe as our guide throughout the eight days of cycling, with some amazing rides towards Monserrat, Rat Penat and some epic recovery ride through the vineyards.


The purpose of this trip was to get more confident when descending, I started out very carefully and stiff at first, but then Steff, the beast from the east, joined us.
She was a total boss, sticking to my wheel, telling me to bend my arms, relax and stay close to the handlebar. At the end of the trip, my descending skills became decent and I felt a lot more comfortable. I am ready for the Haute Route challenge, with my little imaginary Steff on the shoulder guiding me down the mountains and Joe pushing me uphill.

Portrait of e girl wearing cycling clothes and a POC helmet
Girl riding her bike and smiling in the sun


You didn’t just give us a great holiday, but a home away from home. It was such a great pleasure to stay at Le Bike Stop! We love your dogs, the atmosphere, the food, the pool and everything else that I haven’t mentioned here. This is not written as a commercial but in true gratitude. You are doing a thing that most people only dream about and we admire and envy you for that.

two cyclist hugging each other while taking a break from cycling

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