Eva: My story and cycling

Girl cylcing over a hill in the mountains


My name is Eva, I was born and raised outside of Copenhagen, Denmark on the 10th of February 1988. I work as a Chemical Engineer at the Pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk.

  • Shark movies are the shit
  • Harry Potter is lit
  • Cakes are vital
  • Plants are family
  • I want to save the ocean


Throughout my childhood and teenage years everything was about horses, first I begged my parents to let me ride horses (despite the fact that I was terrified of them), then I begged them to let me ride horses three times a week, then my own horse and in the end I tried out horseback riding as my profession. I realized how harsh the horseback riding-business was and that I wanted more of my life than just horses. So I started studying Engineering with Biotechnology as my subject at the Technical University of Denmark.

In 2011, I started cycling, first as a commute to the University but after a friend convinced me to take a ride without a backpack, I instantly fell in love with the sport.  I never do anything halfway, so one year later I did my first bike race, it was a 374 km race through Denmark. I remember telling myself that if I could finish that race within 16 hours, I could finish the big race; Race Across the West. It is a 1390 km non-stop supported cycling race from Oceanside California to Durango Colorado, with a time limit of 90 hours. I finished the race through Denmark within 14 hours and I started dreaming about RAW and that it would be possible.

I finished RAW in 2015, I was the fastest female and received the title "Queen of the desert". Since then I've ridden a few ultra-cycling races but I've mostly been enjoying cycling whenever I wanted.















Why I ride bikes: I don’t really know where to start, there are so many great moments in cycling but overall is riding bikes freedom, happiness and empowerment. I feel strong and independent when I ride my bike, I can go anywhere at any time.

Exploring countries and cities on the bike give me a better perspective of the communities, the people and nature because everything is slower than by car, but you can cover a wider distance than when you are hiking. You get all the smells, the quality of the pavement and maybe an occasional fly or two. That is freedom.

The feeling when I’m riding with my cycling club in the tailwind on a summer night. The only thing I can hear is the tires against the pavement and people chatting. That is happiness.

When riding a race, climbing a mountain, winning a queen of the mountain batch or just beating Ebbe at a hill sprint makes me feel strong and proud. That is empowerment.

Girl smiling when riding her bike

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  1. Flores
    August 31, 2018

    It was really nice to read about you both and your adventures!! I can’t agree more, bike is by far the best way to know new places e people!! Keep cycling!!!
    Amazing rides and beautiful pics!! Huge fan! <3


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